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Apply for a Fabulous Flunky

Lynn Williams, Fabulous Flunky Adopter

“I was volunteering with 4 Paws for Ability and was thrilled to raise Butch from the time that he was a tiny puppy in the service dog in training program. We worked hard together, and I knew that he was destined to change lives. As he got older, he started to display increased vocalization which is very common in dogs but not preferred for service dogs. When 4 Paws determined that Butch should become a Fabulous Flunky my heart broke, but also became complete when I adopted him and he forever became mine. Butch is my best friend, and it turns out the life he changed was mine.”

Please note: Due to the extensive list of approved applicants waiting to adopt Fabulous Flunkies, we are unable to accept new applications at this time. Thank you for your interest in these very special dogs, and check back here to see when the adoption wait list opens back up!

All 4 Paws dogs are loved and supported through their journey to determine the future that is the best fit for them. The criteria to become a service dog is quite specific, and dogs that would make wonderful pets may not be the best fit as a working service dog. When becoming a service dog is determined not to be the best fit, these dogs become a “Fabulous Flunky!” Fabulous Flunkies are first offered to the Volunteer Trainer who raised them and then are available for adoption to the public. 4 Paws takes the time to make sure they end up right where they are supposed to be!

Fabulous Flunkies are typically around a year to two years in age and have had some level of obedience and manners training, in addition to plenty of socialization! All 4 Paws dogs have received thorough veterinary exams and have received the following vet care: updated vaccines, fecal test, preventative monthly medication (heartworm and flea/tick prevention), spayed/neutered, microchipped etc. To the best of our knowledge, 4 Paws will provide you with a healthy dog unless otherwise noted at the time a dog becomes available for an applicant.

Some common reasons why a dog may be removed from the service dog program are: inappropriate barking for a service dog, wanting to be in charge, not wanting to share their food or toys with other dogs, being uncomfortable in public, or for various health reasons. 4 Paws will always disclose the reason why a dog was removed from the program and will explain more in detail about the specific dog when showing the dog to their potential forever family.

Eligible applicants must live within a three hour radius of 4 Paws for Ability in Xenia, OH or already be an established 4 Paws Family (Client, Volunteer, Donor or Staff). If an applicant lives outside that radius, they must have someone affiliated with 4 Paws within the radius, who will agree to co-sign for the adoption and understands the necessary potential travel responsibilities if the dog needs to return to 4 Paws. Applicants must own their own home, have a stable job and income history, have past and present pets up to date on all veterinary care, and understand the commitment of caring for a dog for the extent of their lifetime.

Fabulous Flunky adoption is $2500

When considering applying to adopt a 4 Paws Fabulous Flunky, please keep in mind that there may be an extended wait time due to the high demand and the goal to find the best fit for these amazing dogs! If you decide to go through with the process, you will be agreeing to wait roughly a year or longer/until we find the best fit for both you and the dog, to sign an adoption contract, and to pay an adoption fee.