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David & Avery

    “Avery has made a world of difference for David.” Now over a year later, Adriana and John are celebrating the impact a service dog made in their lives, and for their son, David. “Before getting Avery, David struggled with needing some sensory input, he has… Read More »David & Avery

    Shaelyn & Ivory

      “Saying that Ivory loved me even from the start Is an incredible understatement. The moment she entered the room to meet me, she didn’t pay attention to anyone else. Ivory came immediately to me, it was like she knew she was there for me. Since… Read More »Shaelyn & Ivory

      Chaise & Topaz

        In the midst of a shutdown, lives changing, and families becoming shut in, for Chaise what came out could have never been expected. “His world was now turned upside down and he had no other way to deal with that other than agression. We saw… Read More »Chaise & Topaz

        Josiah & Snorkel

          While over 120 families started their service dog journey in 2023, other families welcomed a four-legged friend with a 4 Paws predecessor. Josiah is ten years old and lives with a genetic mutation that causes conditions such as delayed speech, hypotonia, autonomic dysfunction, and visual… Read More »Josiah & Snorkel

          Drew & Vivi

            As her son Drew turned seven, Linda decided it was time to try a new approach to help him: a 4 Paws service dog.  “We decided to look into service dogs and applied to several places but we were by far the most impressed with… Read More »Drew & Vivi

            Jana & Graham

              Loneliness can look different for everyone. For most, loneliness means being alone, for Jana, loneliness meant never being able to be alone. “She started having myoclonic seizures and absent seizures at 14 and was diagnosed with epilepsy,” Jana’s mom, Tara said. “She lost all independence… Read More »Jana & Graham