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Brayden Stephens

Hi and thank you for reading Brayden’s story. In 2012, on March 5th, my husband and Iwere blessed with our first child Charles Brayden Stephens. As he became older, we noticed a delay in his speech and other milestones. In September of 2014, at the… Read More »Brayden Stephens

Balian Poindexter 

I’m a 10-year-old proud military brat named Balian. My hobbies include tumbling, playing drums and any outdoor sports. I enjoy spending time with my family, gaming, remote control cars, pretend play, eating pizza and cupcakes. Loving and caring for animals is also something my family… Read More »Balian Poindexter 

Alexander Schaller

Alexander is a 3-year-old boy who lives in Lewis Center, Ohio with his mother, Natalya. He has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In addition to navigating life with Alexander’s diagnosis, his family has been impacted by the hardships in Ukraine and need your help!… Read More »Alexander Schaller

Benjamin McKeehan

Our Benjamin is a protective older brother and a compassionate 8 year old boy.  When his brother needs anything Benjamin is the first to jump in and help. Pre-pandemic  he would drag us across entire museums because he heard a cry and wanted to help… Read More »Benjamin McKeehan

Maximus Sniezek

Meet our Mighty Maximus! Maximus is truly ‘one of a kind’ and has a rare genetic disorder, so rare in fact that he is the only known person in the world with his chromosomal makeup! Maximus’ future is full of unknowns, but one thing we… Read More »Maximus Sniezek

Kayleigh Arumugam

Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my daughter’s story. Kayleigh is 14 and loves spending time with her family and friends. Kayleigh has a love for all things food! She loves to browse recipes, look for new foods to try, and to… Read More »Kayleigh Arumugam

Rosie Abdollmohammadi 

Rosie was born with an extremely rare genetic deletion. So rare in fact that there is almost no information on what her future will look like. Rosie has showed us she’s making her own path and we are celebrating every milestone no matter how small.… Read More »Rosie Abdollmohammadi 

Terrence Hamilton

Hello and thank you for reading our son’s story.  Please let me introduce you to our son Terrence.  Terrence has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, Autism, and Epilepsy.  He began having seizures at three days old.  Terrence has had 20 or more seizures in one day.  He has a complex case of… Read More »Terrence Hamilton

Maddux Muir

Maddux is a sweet, loving 9-year-old and big brother to two sisters.  He is gentle and kind, even when his younger sisters can be challenging.  He is very sensitive, even when most don’t realize it because he’s a quiet, stoic guy.  Maddux has an easy-going… Read More »Maddux Muir

Harmony Griffith

Help to make Harmony’s dream come true! Thank you for taking your time to read Harmony’s story.  We are raising money to get a service dog for Harmony that will help fulfill her needs in life.  We know this will be a long journey and… Read More »Harmony Griffith