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Jaella Dasuta

Jaella DaSuta is an extraordinary girl. She is sweet, vibrant, and has the most infectious laugh. Jaella was diagnosed at 2 days old with congenital hypothyroidism. Since then she has been to countless doctors appointments and through extensive genetic and neurological testing she was diagnosed… Read More »Jaella Dasuta


Elliot McArtor

Earlier this year Brian and I started looking more in-depth about various ways we could help our sweet Elliot have all the opportunities life has to offer him, and what tools he needs to allow this to happen. Elliot was born completely full term on… Read More »Elliot McArtor

Zoe Cabral

Zoe was born with a very rare movement disorder in 2010. She has endured many physical and emotional challenges as a result including ataxia, balance, vision, and swallowing impairments, tremors, speech apraxia, nonverbal autism spectrum disorder, and behaviors. Up until 2018, she had the companionship… Read More »Zoe Cabral

Willow Fuglseth

Willow is a beautiful 7 year old who loves playing with baby dolls, riding her bike and playing outside especially on the swings while singing, Happy Birthday, Jesus Loves Me and Jingle Bells are a few of her FAVORITE songs. Willow came to live with… Read More »Willow Fuglseth

Lily Byrd

Lily is a fun loving 5 year old that loves pandas, books and wants to be a veterinarian some day. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delay and expressive/receptive disorder a week before her 3rd birthday. She has benefited from speech and occupational… Read More »Lily Byrd

Hunter Christ

Hunter Christ is a 4 year old boy who loves dinosaurs, monster trucks and baby Yoda. He enjoys hikes in the vast wilderness that Alaska has to offer and is always excited to go on new adventures. However, being on the Autism Spectrum means that… Read More »Hunter Christ

Waylon Handshoe

Hi, I’m Waylon. I am a very smart, funny, outgoing kid. My smile and blue eyes will just light up a room. I am very energetic, love to play outside with anything, riding my bike and running. One of my favorite things is helping my… Read More »Waylon Handshoe