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What is a Service Dog?

    4 Paws for Ability is proud to place over 120 service dogs a year nationwide, but as dogs, and other animals, become more common in public places, there is often confusion about the different types of assistance dogs, including service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional… Read More »What is a Service Dog?

    Priscilla Calderon

      Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to  read about my daughter Priscilla. She is 8 years old, and is diagnosed with Autism. She is an amazing bright little girl. She loves arts and crafts, animals, and playing outside looking for different bugs in this… Read More »Priscilla Calderon

      Cooper Leodler

        Our sweet sunshine boy, Cooper, is a curly-haired, blue-eyed beautiful soul with a diagnosis of Autism (level 3) and Mixed receptive expressive disorder. He was born prematurely during the start of the pandemic and stayed in the NICU for a month, a fighter from the… Read More »Cooper Leodler

        Jonah Gregory

          Our son, Jonah was born different and he experiences life in ways most of us cannot understand. Jonah was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and a global developmental delay at only 18 months old.  Now, at four years old, we are still learning as a… Read More »Jonah Gregory

          Elijah Dudley

            Eli is a 5 year old, determined, strong, loving, and silly little boy. Eli faces many daily challenges, yet he continues to focus on the love and joy in his life. Eli has a rare genetic syndrome called Pitt-Hopkins syndrome, along with quadraplegic cerebral palsy,… Read More »Elijah Dudley

            Anthony & Combee

              4 Paws for Ability takes pride in placing life-changing service dogs with children and veterans with disabilities, but “life-changing” can mean a number of different things. In January 2021, Anthony, a retired United States Marines Corps Sergeant, had his life changed when he met Combee.… Read More »Anthony & Combee

              Amelia & Twist

                The reason to get involved with 4 Paws for Ability can vary from person to person, whether as a client, a donor, or in Heather and Todd’s case, to find a distraction for their daughter, Amelia. “She had an injury and surgery that resulted in… Read More »Amelia & Twist