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Service Dog Stories

Check out these stories about 4 Paws Service Dogs!

Jun, Andi & Philippos

    Living with disabilities can make going out in public a daunting task, but for many of our families, the fear of “what-if” can make life at home scary too. Jessica and Justin faced those fears everyday with their daughters Jun and Andi knowing a meltdown,… Read More »Jun, Andi & Philippos

    Ethan & Greta

      Life is unpredictable. With errands to run, kids to watch, and an ever-moving world around us, we all face unpredictability. As new parents, Yvone and Ralph faced an unfamiliar side of unpredictability; a special needs child learning about the world himself. “Ethan was diagnosed with… Read More »Ethan & Greta

      Megan & Nova

        For many kids, wishing for a dog on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays is a common dream. Megan’s wish for a furry companion came true in a unique and heartwarming way when she met Nova (formerly known as “Samova”) thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation… Read More »Megan & Nova

        Leah & Ramsey

          “We lived in a constant state of worry not knowing when a seizure would happen.” Jenka and Kyle have faced unique challenges since their daughter, Leah, was diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder as a toddler. “Leah was a pretty social toddler who became very… Read More »Leah & Ramsey

          Rusty & Veela

            We often talk about the incredible impact your support has on the lives of children with disabilities. Today, we want to share with you a story that exemplifies the transformative power of your generosity and how it directly touches the lives of those we serve.… Read More »Rusty & Veela

            Reece & Risotto

              In February of 2023, service dog Risotto graduated from 4 Paws for Ability with the Chocolate Brown Class and started their career with Reece. In just a few short months, Reece’s mom says, the two are inseparable and their family feels complete. “The first few… Read More »Reece & Risotto

              Jaxon & Hiroshi

                In 2022, 4 Paws placed over 100 life-changing service dogs, all specifically trained to provide life-saving tasks for so many unique disabilities. Hiroshi, a 2022 Graduate of the Slate Class, was specifically trained for Jaxon. Living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Jaxon had lost his independence,… Read More »Jaxon & Hiroshi

                Anthony & Combee

                  4 Paws for Ability takes pride in placing life-changing service dogs with children and veterans with disabilities, but “life-changing” can mean a number of different things. In January 2021, Anthony, a retired United States Marines Corps Sergeant, had his life changed when he met Combee.… Read More »Anthony & Combee