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Service Dog Stories

Check out these stories about 4 Paws Service Dogs!

Jaxon & Hiroshi

    In 2022, 4 Paws placed over 100 life-changing service dogs, all specifically trained to provide life-saving tasks for so many unique disabilities. Hiroshi, a 2022 Graduate of the Slate Class, was specifically trained for Jaxon. Living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Jaxon had lost his independence,… Read More »Jaxon & Hiroshi

    Anthony & Combee

      4 Paws for Ability takes pride in placing life-changing service dogs with children and veterans with disabilities, but “life-changing” can mean a number of different things. In January 2021, Anthony, a retired United States Marines Corps Sergeant, had his life changed when he met Combee.… Read More »Anthony & Combee

      Amelia & Twist

        The reason to get involved with 4 Paws for Ability can vary from person to person, whether as a client, a donor, or in Heather and Todd’s case, to find a distraction for their daughter, Amelia. “She had an injury and surgery that resulted in… Read More »Amelia & Twist

        Lincoln & Kix

          For a service dog, life is about one major goal; serving a task for someone in need. For Kix, a two-year-old golden retriever/labrador retriever mix, her task is to be a best friend. Life for Lincoln had its challenges, dealing with ADHD, OCD, social skills,… Read More »Lincoln & Kix

          Avery & Johnnycakes

            “daun-ting” (adjective): seeming difficult to deal with in anticipation Daunting is a word that is incredibly familiar to anyone who has seriously considered a service dog, and for Avery & her parents, the situation was no different. “She just wanted to be independent.” A brain… Read More »Avery & Johnnycakes

            Tyler and Logan

              It’s been two and a half years since Tyler met his 4 Paws Service Dog, Logan; a unique partnership at a unique time in life. “Before our service dog we were having a very hard time parsing out if our son was having a medical… Read More »Tyler and Logan

              Chandler and Joey

                “Joey has been the biggest asset to Chandler’s life. We were unable to do even the little things that most people take for granted. I couldn’t take Chandler to a store without elopements and huge meltdowns. We’d have the whole store staring at us while… Read More »Chandler and Joey

                Landon and Sylvester

                  “Last week, Landon went into the hospital for his second brain surgery. Sylvester was AMAZING at the hospital and never left Landon’s bed during pre-op. Normally Landon starts to get nervous and jump around the room, but with Sylvester there, Landon was calm and never… Read More »Landon and Sylvester