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Seizure Assistance Dog Stories

Sniffles and David

David and Sniffles

    David is seven years old and has Autism and Dravet Syndrome. His family applied for a service dog in March 2020 so they could have some peace of mind and relief when it came to seizure alerting and detection. Since David was getting older and… Read More »David and Sniffles

    Blake and Barnett

      “When we first got the idea for a service dog it was simply for mine and Jon’s benefit. Honestly. I specifically was absolutely exhausted. I had a level of trauma from watching Blake seize at night and being scared to miss one. At one of… Read More »Blake and Barnett

      Bella & Zodiac

        As featured in the 4 Paws for Ability 2018 Annual Report Bella Menard has suffered from seizures since she was just six months old and was diagnosed with Epilepsy and Autism at the age of six. Her seizures became so significant that Bella could no… Read More »Bella & Zodiac

        Grace & Junco

          As featured in the 4 Paws for Ability 2020 Annual Report The 4 Paws community is a family. One of the clearest examples of this support and loyalty is the “returning client”—families whose beloved 4 Paws service dog has retired or passed away, so they… Read More »Grace & Junco

          Sawyer & Cherry

            As featured in the 4 Paws for Ability 2017 Annual Report In many ways Sawyer Shapiro is a typical active seven-year old boy. According to his mom, Alexis, “Sawyer loves watching movies and shows on his iPad or TV. He also loves dinosaurs, robots, going… Read More »Sawyer & Cherry