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The service dog in training program is designed to create well behaved, task-trained assistance dogs.

4 Paws for Ability’s service dog in training and advanced training programs are expertly designed to ensure 4 Paws service dogs will have a successful placement and career.

The 4 Paws dog training program

Service Dog in Training Program

The service dog in training program focus on exposure to new experiences, basic commands, and learning house manners with volunteer trainers or in the prison program. 4 Paws service dogs in training undergo periodic assessments and are closely monitored to ensure proper temperament and progress through the program.

Advanced Training Program

When the 4 Paws professional training staff determines that the service dogs in training have completed their foundational training and are ready to be promoted into the Advanced Training Program, the dog will begin learning the unique tasks to mitigate the new partner’s disability. This stage of training could include training the dog to learn client’s scent for high and low blood sugar or seizure detection, learning to bark for help on command, or preparing a dog to safely provide mobility assistance.

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