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Make a Dream Come True

Every day, families around the country are raising money so their children with disabilities can receive service dogs to improve their lives. You can read some of the stories here of the children and their families working to reach their goals. Please help make a dream come true!

It costs 4 Paws between $40,000-$60,000 to raise, train, and place a service dog. Each family has to raise $17,000 of that to pay for a service dog. Your contributions to their fee for service and donations to 4 Paws for Ability help us cover the cost of each dog.

Armeena Arshad

Armeena is our 3 year old daughter and the light of our world. As our only child, we struggled to understand what was happening as she struggled to meet basic communication and developmental milestones. It was alarming to see her in so much distress over… Read More »Armeena Arshad

Kaylynn Earick

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read Kaylynn’s story! Kaylynn is our sweet 9 year old girl who loves spending hours everyday on her swing set and trampoline. She always knows how to make you smile with her infectious laugh and her… Read More »Kaylynn Earick

Harper Shivener

Hello and thank you for reading our daughter’s story. We would like to introduce you to our 4 year old daughter Harper Jo Shivener.  Harper Jo is one of the most fun loving caring souls you will ever meet on this planet. She lights up every… Read More »Harper Shivener

Teddy Miller

On the night of July 8, 2019, our son, Teddy, was frantically driven to the emergency roombarely conscious and unresponsive. As an off-duty EMT took a bluish grey Teddy out of his father’s armsand into a trauma room, he began to seize. The seizure activity… Read More »Teddy Miller

Carter Marshall

Hi everyone! Carter is a sweet, energetic, sometimes a bit crazy 7 year old boy. He loves riding his bike, playing on his x box, and playing with his friends but his favorite thing to do is help Dad. It can be cleaning up the… Read More »Carter Marshall

Noah Yohpe

Thank you for coming to learn more about Noah! Noah is a kind and loving child. He enjoys coloring, lining up toys, cuddling with mommy, and wrestling with daddy. He loves playing on the playground and being around other children. One of his favorite things… Read More »Noah Yohpe

Amelia Lynch

Meet Amelia!  She’s a sassy, funny, autistic 9 year old who loves animals and everything nature.  Her bravery and determination are unmatched, and she really values independence. We’ve determined a service dog will be a huge help toward Amelia living her best life!  We hope… Read More »Amelia Lynch

Lillieanna Wise

Lillieanna “Lillie” is an energetic 7 year old who is non verbal, Autistic and ADHD. I first started noticing differences in Lillie before the age of 2. Lillie had previously started picking up new words within days of each other but then she used less… Read More »Lillieanna Wise

Mallory Sampson

Hello, friends! This is Mallory, age 7, who until December 2019 was a healthy, witty, and energetic little daredevil (nicknamed KinderHulk).  Six months later, after well over 100 seizures, she was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a rare and especially scary form of epilepsy. She’s been… Read More »Mallory Sampson

Leon Dunaway

“Leon is 2 yrs old with grand mal seizures, due to his epilepsy he is also non verbal. Leon receiving a Seizure Alert dog would be able to help me and my husband make sure we can respond to Leon as soon as possible. Being… Read More »Leon Dunaway