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Amelia Lynch

    Meet Amelia!  She’s a sassy, funny, autistic 9 year old who loves animals and everything nature.  Her bravery and determination are unmatched, and she really values independence.

    We’ve determined a service dog will be a huge help toward Amelia living her best life!  We hope for a dog who can provide her comfort and be a safety net in case of wandering (did I mention she’s sassy and independent?!).  She currently cannot let someone know if she becomes lost.

    Amelia works her hardest every day to meet whatever challenges are given to her.  She doesn’t like holding hands, but she loves to hold onto a leash!  She also requests to have our family dog lay with her at bedtime, but sometimes he’s hard to convince.  A dog who is trained to comfort her would be a huge help.  A service dog will also act as a social bridge to the people and places around her, getting her out into nature (which she loves, but is sometimes overwhelming for her).

    Thank you so much for your consideration in helping us meet our goal!  We’re so grateful to everyone who is helping us along this journey.

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