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Benjamin McKeehan

Our Benjamin is a protective older brother and a compassionate 8 year old boy.  When his brother needs anything Benjamin is the first to jump in and help. Pre-pandemic  he would drag us across entire museums because he heard a cry and wanted to help an upset child.  Benjamin was diagnosed with ADHD at age 3 and progressive bilateral sloping sensorineural  hearing loss with a complex neuropathy at age 7.  His neuropathy allows him low-mid tonal access however it robs him if his ability to understand spoken words. Despite numerous tests there is no known cause. Benjamin had his first surgery for a cochlear implant, November of 2021 resulting in a limited increase in his soundbooth testing.  Benjamin is progressing with sign language and lip reading however, he still misses numerous social and verbal cues.
Having a service dog by his side would give him a second set of ears, to access his world and provide improved cues in social situations. Having a companion’s support can help him cope with the anxiety that comes with having your auditory world disappear at a young age.  Having this opportunity will help Benjamin ‘hear’ when his little  brother needs him.

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