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Harmony Griffith

Help to make Harmony’s dream come true! Thank you for taking your time to read Harmony’s story.  We are raising money to get a service dog for Harmony that will help fulfill her needs in life.  We know this will be a long journey and will cost a lot of money but we strongly believe this is the right decision for Harmony to have a better-quality of life.   

About Harmony– Harmony is a 14-year-old girl and the oldest of three siblings.  Harmony has a very unique personality with a big beautiful smile that has won over all her teachers since preschool.  Among some of Harmony’s favorite things are the purple color, LOL dolls, drawing, movies, listening to music and animals especially dogs. Harmony struggles with the clinical diagnoses and school identifications of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, ADHD, Expressive and Receptive language disorder, Mood dysregulation disorder, anxiety and recently officially diagnosed Intellectual Delay.  Recently with going through puberty, she is having a lot of struggles with her emotional control that has led to meltdowns at school.  

Service dog for Harmony– Her daily routine is different like everyone’s, but her anxiety and mood swings affect her ability to process those changes considerably.  Fortunately, she has a very good support team on her side.  However, with her lack of communication skills and cognitive delay, sometimes it is not only hard for her to understand but also she is struggling to be understood by others.  She usually escalates her behavior very quickly to express her emotions and we do not have time to redirect her. Then discussing with the school and others who experienced having a service dog previously, my husband and I started researching about the idea of a service dog for Harmony.  Harmony has always loved dogs since she was born.  Because of Its training the service dog would be able to communicate with Harmony nonverbally and help her regulate her moods. We know this can be a great direction for her to be more independent and successful in her life. Harmony is a teenager and her needs are bigger than before. Recently, as parents, we see her daily routine getting harder and harder everyday.  Also, she is more and more aware of her ability gap between her surrounding peers and adults. The dog will not only be able to redirect her behavior but also be her non-judgmental companion.  The dog will be right next to her to give relief and comfort from most anxiety-provoking situations and give her a brighter day!

When we asked Harmony what she thinks about the idea of having a service dog, her face got brighter immediately.  We also explained it might take some time to receive the dog because not only the application process but also the dog needs to be trained properly before we meet it. We talked about how this will be a big responsibility.  So far, we applied to 4 Paws for Ability and completed the application process which included medical documentation and other approvals. Harmony was approved for the program and now we have agreed to raise $17,000 for 4 Paws for Ability. As you know, not all dogs are able to be service dogs.  Training a service dog to meet the requirements can be very costly.  At 4 paws for Ability, to raise, train and place a service dog it costs between $40,000-60,000 on average. We are tasked with raising $17,000 of that amount and am hoping that we can receive assistance to make Harmony’s dream come true.

All contributions go to 4 Paws for Ability and please mention Harmony’s name so it goes toward her contributions to get a service dog. Our goal is to reach $17,000 so we can cover the contribution requirement to getting her a service dog.  If we exceed the target amount the contribution will go to other families to make their dreams come true.

Any amount contributed is helpful even just sharing our story.  Please help us bring Harmomy’s new friend home!


If you are sending a check, please make the donations directly to 4 Paws for Ability – be sure to write Harmony’s name on the memo line so the amount is credited to her account.

4 Paws for Ability 

207 Dayton Ave.

Xenia, Ohio 45385

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