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Hunter Christ

    Hunter Christ is a 4 year old boy who loves dinosaurs, monster trucks and baby Yoda. He enjoys hikes in the vast wilderness that Alaska has to offer and is always excited to go on new adventures. However, being on the Autism Spectrum means that sometimes his brain just can’t handle the everyday adventures in life. Sometimes he can’t process the things around him, so he continues to run or chase after what he wants, without being aware of the dangers around him. And like others on the spectrum, Hunter also has sensory processing issues and is speech delayed. He also has a hereditary hearing loss.

    As his mom, I believe that a properly trained service dog will allow Hunter to have a bigger sense of independence, as well as allow him to be safe in everyday situations. See, Hunter recoils from most touches and will not hold my hand in many situations where it’s needed. In other situations, he has wandered off because his eye has been caught by something. And when those overwhelming feelings hit and he has a meltdown, he oftentimes will turn to a dog to calm down.

    Despite everything I already do to keep him safe and calm him down, it’s not enough. That’s why I turned to 4 Paws for Ability. Hearing the success stories of others and seeing the amazing dogs they have to offer, I knew it was the right thing to do. Having a dog that can help Hunter manage those overwhelming situations, a dog that can help him adjust to the hard transitions of everyday life and, in worst case scenario, track him if he gets lost, would be absolutely life changing for our family.

    Thank you,


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