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Kaylynn Earick

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read Kaylynn’s story! Kaylynn is our sweet 9 year old girl who loves spending hours everyday on her swing set and trampoline. She always knows how to make you smile with her infectious laugh and her silly demeanor. Things are never boring with Kaylynn around!

     Kaylynn has been diagnosed with non verbal autism and uses a speech device to communicate her wants and needs. She currently goes to occupational, physical, and speech therapy twice a week. While therapy has been extremely beneficial to her, there are certain struggles we still deal with that we strongly believe a service dog could help with. We have talked with her doctor and therapists and they agree that a service dog would improve her quality of life.

      Kaylynn currently struggles with things like wandering off, meltdowns, and managing her emotions. A service dog would be able to do things like track her if she wanders away from us, keep her safe by our side while we are out and about, and provide her comfort and redirection during meltdowns. A service dog would also be a best friend while also helping her to connect with other kids her age, what kid doesn’t want to meet the girl with the cool service dog? 

    Thank you for considering us, we truly appreciate all the support so much!

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