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Kyelynn Goering

    Hi my name is Kyelynn… but I like to be called Kye. I have a severe and rare disease called
    Dravet Syndrome. Dravet is a genetic epilepsy caused by a mutation in my SCN1A gene.
    Dravet has caused uncontrolled seizures, intellectual disabilities and developmental disabilities.
    My seizures are unpredictable and require immediate rescue because they do not stop on their
    own. As soon as we figure out how to control one type of seizure, a new one tends to show up.
    I am determined to not be defined by my epilepsy or disabilities. I am currently a 9th grader in
    high school. I am in a life skills program at my public school. I love to sing in my school’s
    chorus. I work hard learning to read, write and count… but most importantly I learn everyday
    how to live in this big world!
    8 years ago I received a service dog from 4 Paws for Ability. Her name is London Rose. She
    changed my life as soon as she became part of it. In 1st grade I was barely putting 2 words
    together, had a hard time communicating my needs, cried a lot, couldn’t handle noisy or
    crowded places, wandered away from caregivers, and woke up multiple times night. London
    became my best friend. I immediately clung to her and loved her. She sleeps in bed with me
    every night. I am able to go out in public with her by my side to comfort me and give me
    confidence. I started talking more and more once London was with me. London has notified
    my parents when I have wandered away and she has even found me a few times when I did
    manage to escape unnoticed.
    After speaking with the trainers at 4 Paws we have all decided it is now time for London to
    retire. I am really sad that London can no longer go to stores or long trips with me. She is
    almost 9 year old (11/2022). London has had two big TPLO surgeries because she tore both
    her “puppy ACLs”. It is now really hard for London to walk on slippery floors like linoleums,
    which are in almost all stores and my entire school! If you want to learn more about the surgery

    go to:
    plateau-levelling-osteotomy-tplo/ .

    I am really excited to get a new puppy to help me navigate high school and eventually navigate
    my community. I pray every night for “a new puppy to go to high school.” I am so excited to
    have a new puppy who will be able to go out in public with me again.
    My new dog will be trained in seizure recognition and response, able to retrieve rescue
    medications, perform search and rescue if I wander away, calm me down during melt downs,
    help keep those melt downs from happening by being my new best friend, and serve as a tool
    to help interact with the community.
    Our family is grateful for any donation you can make to help London Rose retire and help Kye
    find a new best friend “who can go to high school!” We are so thankful that London Rose will
    be allowed to stay in our family as a “pet,” while Kye is able to get a new service dog through
    4 Paws for Ability, who can continue to provide the public work Kye needs. Please visit to see more about Kye and London Rose’s story!

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