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Lillieanna Wise

    Lillieanna “Lillie” is an energetic 7 year old who is non verbal, Autistic and ADHD.

    I first started noticing differences in Lillie before the age of 2. Lillie had previously started picking up new words within days of each other but then she used less words. She did different testing and we finally got a referral to a developmental pediatrician. She was diagnosed with Autism. She was later diagnosed with ADHD as well. 

    Lillieanna loves to run, climb, jump, play games on her tablet and watch Sofia the first. She has a younger brother and little sister. 

    Due to being unable to communicate she likes to try to do things independently but doesn’t understand the dangers. She will run to an area to do something without anyone knowing. (Like exploring a new place). It is very scary when you realize she is no longer at your side after seeing her a second ago. 

    Lillie is learning to use a communication device to help with communicating. She is very head strong and since she isn’t able to communicate her wants and needs she’ll end up having meltdowns. The meltdowns have become so extreme that she has done self harm (hitting her head) or hitting her mom. She loves deep pressure or massages on her arms and legs.

    The dog that she has been approved for will be trained to track her if she runs off and will be able to lay on her and love on her to help having a meltdown escalate. She ended up with a meltdown so bad one Saturday morning that she bit a window and her arm ended up going through it. She severed 2 tendons 100% and had to have surgery to fix it. 

    She has been working with specialists on medications to help her. Stimulant medications made her more aggressive with even worse self harm so she is on different medications and hopefully she’ll get on the right dosage to help. 

    Lillie loves big dogs and loves to give them treats and to lay on them (her way of loving the dog). 

    It costs 4 Paws between $40,000-$60,000 to raise, train, and place a service dog. Each family has to raise $17,000 of that to pay for a service dog. Your contributions to their fee for service and donations to 4 Paws for Ability help us cover the cost of each dog. 

    Donations in support of Lillieanna should be made directly to 4 Paws for Ability- be sure to write

    Lillieanna’s name on the memo line.

    Mail Checks to:

    4 Paws for Ability: In Honor of Lillieanna Wise

    253 Dayton Ave.

    Xenia, Ohio, 45385–Taylor Dyer

    Contribute to Lillieanna’s dog below