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Maximus Sniezek

Meet our Mighty Maximus! Maximus is truly ‘one of a kind’ and has a rare genetic disorder, so rare in fact that he is the only known person in the world with his chromosomal makeup! Maximus’ future is full of unknowns, but one thing we are for sure of is that it takes a village of love and support to provide for our Maximus. 
Maximus has an epilepsy diagnosis, partial trisomy 13, partial trisomy 15, and Autism.  Maximus is thriving but the support of a service dog would be life changing for him. Our dog will be trained to provide sensory needs to Maximus, scent trained if Maximus were to ever run out of our sight, and trained to detect seizures and alert us. This will be a game changer for Maximus and ease our minds as parents. The majority of Maximus’ seizures are occurring during sleep so Maximus will have a sleeping companion by his side! Maximus has low muscle tone so our service dog will be tethered to Maximus’ to assist him with his stability and help him to navigate his world. Maximus completely lacks safety awareness and often elopes so our dog will also assist him with staying near our family and keeping him safe. 
We can’t wait to take this major step and welcome a service dog into our home and family! Thank you for reading and we appreciate all of the support! 
Maximus and the rest of the Sniezek family

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