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Noah Yohpe

    Thank you for coming to learn more about Noah! Noah is a kind and loving child. He enjoys coloring, lining up toys, cuddling with mommy, and wrestling with daddy. He loves playing on the playground and being around other children. One of his favorite things to do? Jumping! Noah has two trampolines so he can jump to his heart’s content.

    Around the age of 2 we noted delays in Noah’s speech. We immediately got him speech therapy through Greene County. Since then, Noah has participated in occupational therapy and PLAY therapy, attended preschool with an IEP, had hearing screens, genetic testing, and developmental pediatric visits. Noah was officially diagnosed with Autism with severe global delays and sensory seeking behavior in January of 2022.

    What does this diagnosis mean for Noah? Noah is not able to communicate his wants or needs, and he talks very little. Noah finds normal social situations difficult. He becomes overstimulated and will scream, cry, and flop to the ground refusing to participate. Noah has frequent meltdowns when going from one task to another. Noah is a “runner” meaning he will take off with little to no regard for his own safety. Noah will stimulate himself by arm flapping, leg kicking, lining up items, or teeth grinding (to name a few). Some of these stimming behaviors can be dangerous to Noah (like breaking his teeth while grinding).

    Noah’s personal service dog will be trained for three tasks: tethering, elopement, and behavioral interruption. The tethering will allow Noah to walk in public safely and assist in his transition difficulties. If Noah were to run off, elopement training would allow his dog to track him down. Finally behavioral disruption will stop Noah from engaging in stimming behaviors that could be dangerous.

    We are trying to raise the $20,000 dollars for Noah’s service dog. We understand that this is a lot of money! We also understand that everyone is hurting right now. Raising a service dog can cost 4 Paws for Ability around $40,000-$60,000. 4 Paws for Ability runs fundraisers throughout the year that allow them to reduce this cost for families who are seeking a service dog. We look at it like a piece of medical equipment. A service dog is not a pet, it is a live in aid for around 8 years. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover these well researched medical aids. So, we are asking our family, friends, and community to donate what they can (time/money/a share on social media) to help us provide Noah with a service dog.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about Noah and our dream of getting him a service dog.

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