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Priscilla Calderon

    Hi everyone! Thank you for taking the time to  read about my daughter Priscilla. She is 8 years old, and is diagnosed with Autism. She is an amazing bright little girl. She loves arts and crafts, animals, and playing outside looking for different bugs in this world. Priscilla uses arts and crafts as her outlet to escape. This is something she does to help keep calm. Priscilla struggles with expressing her emotions, as well as understanding others. Something that may be so little to most, is huge in her world and will cause her to be extremely overwhelmed and anxious. Priscilla has a hard time going to places in public and keeping calm. Any small thing that could happen such as if it’s too crowded or with a lot of commotion going on or even too many options will cause a big reaction. In situations like this it will trigger her to have a meltdown, and feel very overstimulated. This happens too with any transitions in her life or changes. When she gets used to things a certain way she expects things to stay that way. Which would be great in an ideal world however things do change, and when they do Priscilla doesn’t adjust as easily as others and will cause her to be overwhelmed, and anxious. Priscilla will have episodes of disruptive behavior when she’s feeling overwhelmed. Some disruptive behavior consist of yelling, banging on the wall, and even crying. Her emotions get so strong and she doesn’t know how to handle them. After so much research and talking to her therapist. I found 4 Paws for Ability. This service will change her life for the better. A service dog will be able to help Priscilla with her disruptive behavior and redirect her with deep pressure, kisses, laying on her lap, etc.  This will also help with her transitions because even tho everything around her is changing the service dog will be there with her through it all, and support her allowing her comfort, and less anxiety. This will allow Priscilla to be able to go to more places, with the comfort of knowing the service dog is there for her and to help her. A service dog will allow her to increase her social skills, as well as just being her non-judgmental friend. A service dog will change her life and will allow Priscilla to be more independent, and successful. 

    Priscilla has been approved for the program. We have agreed to raise $20,000 needed for the service dog which we hope to complete through our fundraisers. Training a service dog is pretty costly, ranging from $40,000-$60,000 to breed, train, and raise a dog at 4 paws for ability. Our part is to come up with the $20,000 to make Priscilla’s life changing dream come true. Thank you in advance for any donation as any amount helps us reach her goal!

    How can YOU help Priscilla?

    Donations in support of Priscilla can be made online below or via check sent directly to 4 Paws for Ability – be sure to write Priscilla’s name on the memo line.  Mail checks to:

    4 Paws for Ability
    In Honor of Priscilla Calderon
    253 Dayton Ave.
    Xenia, Ohio, 45385.

    Donate to Priscilla’s dog below