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Facility Assistance Dog

A Facility Assistance Dog is a service dog that is trained to work for an organization to assist people with disabilities within that organization. The dog has a trained handler who is able to utilize the dogs skills in these environments.

Where can they be placed?

Classroom, Hospital, Courthouse, Group Home, Or with anyone specifically working with people who have disabilities and would like to incorporate a service dog into their treatment, outreach, or classroom.

Public Access?

Our Facility Dogs have public access when specifically working with a specific individual with disabilities who can use the dogs skills.

How are the dogs used?

The dog is trained specifically for the situation and the handlers involved with the dog will use these skills with the people who have disabilities or illnesses that they are working with. Our staff will work with the individual who is to be the handler and the organization to determine the skills needed.

Who is eligible?

  1. Any organization who works with people who have disabilities or health care network who can identify a staff to be responsible for the dog.
  2. Any person who works full time with people who have disabilities or health care needs or any individual working with a group of people who have endured trauma or have an urgent need for the dogs services.
    • The person must have approval from their employer in writing.
    • The person must be able to bring the dog home and properly care for the dog on and off the job.
    • The person is willing to follow the 4 Paws Training Process.

To apply for a Facility Assistance Dog, please email Mark Thomas at