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Guardian Home, Jeff Williams

    I have been involved with 4 Paws for Ability since 2016. The past 5 years has been the most life changing, rewarding time of my life. I have raised 3 puppies and am currently the Guardian home for a Yonder.

    Yonder, started out his journey as a Service Dog In training and promoted to breeder. One of the hardest things for me being a Volunteer Trainer was the “give backs”. That’s when you return your foster either to be placed as a Client companion, Fabulous flunky, or moved on to the Advanced training program.

    Because Yonder is a breeder, and I am his guardian home there won’t be a “give back”. Once retired as a breeder I have the option of adoption, which I have every intention of doing. Yonder has yet to bless me with any grand-puppies, but hopefully one day soon.

    Who knows I might have to be Volunteer Trainer again when that happens…