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Guardian Home, Madison Schultz

    Being a Volunteer Trainer for the past 3 years, and a trainer in the training department for over a year, my life has been consumed by the goodbyes. Seeing so many dogs you get to work with change the lives who the end up with is such a rewarding thing and it makes every goodbye more than worth it, but sometimes emotionally it takes it toll.

    I knew I was ready to keep helping 4 Paws every way possible, in a more permanent way. Enter Drizzle. Drizzle is days away from having her first litter. I am so excited for her to have her puppies that will continue to serve the purpose of 4 Paws! But I am also so excited that while Drizzle is helping the 4 Paws mission, she gets to stay and I get to be her home. I still plan on puppy raising for quite a long time, but knowing Drizzle is here to stay AND still help 4 Paws has given me the best of both worlds.