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Meet the Bear Cub Breakfast Club Litter!

    “Grazer named for the Fat Bears of Katmai National Park, litter of one, was welcomed to this world via emergent (but not quite emergency) c-section after insisting it was hibernation season in Mama Miska.  A week late and solo, her guardian home was well and prepared to raise her as a little singleton, and had become well-read on the developmental and socialization needs for a lone puppy.  Little did they know…

    Muffin is not from a litter of one, but instead of 12.  The Breakfast Bunch entered the world in a more traditional and much larger fashion from Mama Miracle, with all the fanfare this long-wished-for litter theme deserved.  As her siblings grew, the tiny Muffin struggled to keep up and even got a little smaller, eventually needing a lot of individual care and even bottle feeding.  Catching up and fighting for space at the milk bar was always going to be a little rough for the tiny Muff…

    Since there was another milk bar in town providing quality customer service and serving significantly fewer patrons, Muffin received a personal invite to Casa de la Mama Miska, and well…everyone has taken to the situation quite nicely.  But most importantly, Muffin is getting what she needs on a timeline that fits her best and allows her to thrive.

    Big Sis Grazer Glazed Donut and Little Sis Amelia Muffin are nothing short of a dynamic duo, chosen by each other. Gifted extra names in their guardian home to honor their backgrounds, the bear cub and breakfast cake are thriving together. All those spots at the milk bar and Grazer will let Muffin bully her out of her favorite spot and then sleep on her head for payback later. The two cuddle together every time they sleep, even if they get warm and roll apart later.  They’re starting to level out on abilities and Grazer is itching for Muffin to find her play drive.  Grazer acts both like Muffin has always been here and also like she has been given a little charge to take care of. Muffin is 100% baby sister, wrecking the bear den and waiting until Grazer falls asleep to pester her.  

    They may not have inherited each other on day one, but they did find each other, and that is what makes a family.

    That’s how two puppies, from two different moms, with two different birthdays, and with two different early life experiences became Bear Cub Breakfast Club. We’re so excited to introduce you to them and wish them the best on their service dog in training journey.”

    -Shared By the Waggamon Guardian Home