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4 Paws for Ability trains and places hearing ear dog with children and veterans with disabilities.

4 Paws for Ability hearing ear dogs are specially trained assistance dogs who alert their deaf or hard of hearing partner to critical sounds in the environment which may include emergency sirens, smoke detectors, and alarms, as well as many other common critical sounds.

4 Paws for Ability places hearing ear dogs with children and veterans suffering from hearing loss.

“Watching Desiree’s ears move and her body language allows me to access environmental cues. Having Desiree at my side gives me added confidence and independence.”

-Cat & Desiree, 4 Paws Hearing Ear Dog Team

4 Paws places hearing ear dogs with older children and veterans as long as they are able to independently handle the service dog and do not need any support from a parent or adult.

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