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4 Paws fee for service & timeline reduction update

    The last two years have been a challenge locally and around the world. Despite these challenges 4 Paws for Ability has remained committed to the placement of life changing service dogs! This has been possible through the generosity of our volunteers and financial supporters. We wanted to share with our 4 Paws family some important updates as together we work to fulfill our mission “Enriching the lives of people with disabilities by placing life changing service dogs.”

    4 Paws has worked hard to be wise with the stewardship of our donated funds as we manage growing expenses and supply chain difficulties. It has been almost 6 years since we increased the fee for service and 4 Paws has been expanding our fundraising efforts each year to offset costs and ensure that service dogs are financially accessible to our families. After significant deliberation, 4 Paws has made the determination to raise the required client contribution towards our mission to $20,000. Due to additional costs related to breeder acquisition, grooming and/or dental care, there will also be an increased cost of $3,000 for low shedding dogs and papillons. 4 Paws maintains our dedication to our families as they reach their fee for service through fundraising. 

    Receiving a service dog is a time sensitive need for 4 Paws families living with the hardships of disabilities. 4 Paws is always striving to find ways to better meet the needs of our families. Over the last 25 years, demand for service dogs has grown and with it our wait time has also grown. Changes are due to better support our growing family. 4 Paws for Ability is announcing an update in the application process with the goal to better manage our wait time and support placement of service dogs in a timely manner. 4 Paws will accept applications on an annual open window basis.  During the open window time, individuals can apply for a service dog by using the application on our website.  Once an individual has completed the application process and been accepted into the program, clients will begin working on the Fee for Service requirement. The application window will remain open until the Placement Training Class schedule for the year is full. The window for applications will reopen each year on January 1st. This allows 4 Paws to better manage our wait time and will slowly overtime allow us to shorten how long a family needs to wait for their life changing, and at times life saving service dog.

    * All applicants with a signed contract prior to June 1, 2022 will be grandfathered into the $17,000 fee for service model.

    * All applicants signing contracts after June 1, 2022 will be responsible for a $20,000 fee for service for non doodle, poodle and papillon breeds.

    * All applicants signing contracts after June 1, 2022 receiving a doodle, poodle or papillon will be responsible for a $23,000 fee for service.

    * 4 Paws is accepting applications currently and will close when Placement Training Classes for the year are full. 4 Paws will reopen for application again each year on January 1st.