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inVestors FAQ

I would like to edit, cancel, or increase my recurring inVESTors donation. How can I do that?

If you signed up through the inVESTors site, your donation is processed through Goodworld. You can log into your 4 Paws account at:

Other recurring donation platforms are available and will need to be changed at the site you enrolled. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), State of Ohio employees, GiveDirect, or Mightycause might also be where your recurring donations are sourced from. Please reference your email documentation to determine your donation processor source and reach out to if you are still having trouble determining where you enrolled.

How do the tips work? Will this be charged each time my donation is charged? Who gets the tips?

Tips will charge each time the recurring donation charges your credit card. Tips are completely optional, and we appreciate any contribution our donors choose to make toward our mission. For more, here is some information directly from Goodworld (the company that helps collect and process our recurring donations):

“Let’s say a donor decides to donate $100. When they get to the confirm screen, there’s a check box to leave a tip to cover the fees. They can leave a % tip of any amount. Credit card processing is 2.2% + 30 cents and platform fees are 2.8%. 

A 5% tip fully covers the maximum costs.  If the donor decides not to cover any of the fees, then you’ll receive $94.70 instead of the $100.”

Tips that exceed 5% to cover the fees are collected by Goodworld so that they can continue to offer free services and support to nonprofits.