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Mission & Vision Statements


Enriching the lives of people with disabilities by placing life changing service dogs.


4 Paws envisions a world where people with disabilities can realize their full potential one service dog at a time.


  • We make a lifetime commitment to ensure the wellbeing of every 4 Paws dog we breed, train, and place.
  • Developing the skills of our team members helps attract and maintain the best available talent.
  • Maintaining a large, dedicated, and well trained volunteer base to support the success of every 4 Paws dog.
  • Lifetime support for our 4 Paws families and commitment to making our service dogs available to those who qualify by placing dogs tailored to their unique individual needs.
  • Maintaining financial independence by being good stewards of our donor contributions enables the organization to make decisions in the best interest of our clients and team members.
  • Educating our clients and community on the appropriate use of service dogs and the differences between service dogs, therapy dogs, and Emotional Support Animals; as well as other working dogs.

Why 4 Paws?

  1. Challenges Welcome: 4 Paws is willing to reach out and tackle more difficult placements providing unique and highly customized types of service dogs.
  2. Enviable Success rate: We have an overall success rate of 98%.
  3. North America: 4 Paws has a wide outreach rather than regional restrictions.
  4. Open to more individuals: 4 Paws has no minimum age requirement and does not discriminate based on severity of disability within the programs offered.
  5. Three Unit Team: 4 Paws specializes in placing service dogs with young children and those individuals unable to handle the dog themselves by utilizing an effective 3-unit team.
  6. Pet Friendly: 4 Paws does not require that recipients give up the pets living in their home at the time of application to receive a service dog as many agencies do. Families with indoor, dog friendly dogs will still be eligible for our program.
  7. Commitment to Clients: We are committed to providing support to all 4 Paws families for as long as needed.
  8. Multipurpose Service Dogs: 4 Paws is willing to work with individuals who have multiple disabilities and is committed to placing a service dog which will serve the whole individual.

4 Paws for Ability relies on the generosity of individuals, as well as corporations, and accepts donations for operating expenses, training, food, toys, training supplies, medication, and our expansion plan.