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Aidan & Crispix: Visibly at Peace

    “It is unbelievable the things and ways our lives have changed.

    Our teenager on the spectrum, who used to never be still and stim and pace, is now visibly at peace.

    When we applied, I often wondered; ‘The task commands I could see work for others but how would this look for my son?’ Aidan had a meltdown in class and seizures during the training, then it just magically fell into place.

    One day we went from meltdown in the morning to Aidan independently handling his dog the first day at the mall. When we came home, Crispix helped him to reprogram when anxiety kicked in and got him back into our world with a touch. When he felt dizzy, he sat, fell and Crispix caught him. He had a seizure in the store and Crispix handled it.

    Now, Aidan is getting tutored and praying to stay seizure-free to apply for a temporary driver’s permit. I even got to fly home to Germany and see my family after eighteen years!

    Aidan comes home from school and says things like ‘Crispix had to work really hard today.’ Oh my, I am just having happy tears and bobbing my head up and down.”

    -Katja, Mother of Service Dog Team Aidan & Crispix