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Caiden & Gordy: “The Wait for Your Angel Dog is Worth It”

    “This is Caiden and his service dog Gordy at our homeschool convention this weekend. Gordy is a life changer for our entire family. Over the weekend my son has truly enjoyed himself, confidence has been a blessing to witness and everyone was such a good listener.

    I loved getting compliments from people how they didn’t even realize we had a dog with us. A restaurant manager came over and said how surprised she was by how well behaved Gordy was. He was best behaved service dog we saw the entire time. Other dogs would bark and every single time, Gordy would just shake his tail and continue to walk in heel with me perfectly. 

    Gordy was alerting during seminars to not only us and Caiden but one of the family friends sitting next to us too.

    Because of this, we were able to make decisions during the convention that was best for our son thanks to Gordy’s relentless work alerting us. We decided to leave the trip a day early due to Gordy’s alert and I’m glad we did! 

    Thanks to his pre- alerting, we thought it would be best to sleep in our bed at home so we aren’t recovering from a seizure in a hotel room with pressure to check out in time for ontime checkout and glad we did! Our son had a seizure early this morning and we are comfortably at home recovering.

    The wait for your angel dog is worth it. 

    Trust in the process that 4 Paws for Ability will do their absolute best to perfectly match your family with the right dog for your needs. Gordy has been a life changer or our family from my health and sleep, to my sons confidence, and ability to enjoy activities that were once sooooooo stressful and overwhelming to say the least.

    My health was declining, shutting down due to lack of sleep and the unknown, but now with Gordy I’m getting sleep with dreams now!

    Most importantly my son has security second from God and us that he hasn’t been able to get anywhere else.”

    -Amy, Mom of 4 Paws Team Caiden & Gordy