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Cat & Desiree

    As featured in the 4 Paws for Ability 2019 Annual Report

    Cat Palm is thankful that 4 Paws believes everyone deserves to be heard regarding their need for a service dog. Cat is a recent grad who just received her Master of Science in Geographic Information System and is now working in her field with maps received from drones to help determine potential areas of flooding. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading books and comics, and playing sudoku.

    Cat was rejected by a multitude of organizations before 4 Paws because she did not meet their requirements of disability, age, and situation. For most organizations she was too young, or they did not work with the deaf. 4 Paws, however, came through for Cat when she was approved for her first service dog at age 15. Cat is now working with her second service dog, Desiree, through 4 Paws for Ability.

    Desiree assists Cat by alerting her to sound cues that people with hearing can often take for granted. Things such as name calling, fire alarms, tornado sirens, beeps of microwave, door knocks, and clock alarms are all things Cat can miss and Desiree will alert her to. When Desiree hears one of those sounds, she will alert Cat and then lead her to the source of the sound if asked.

    Desiree’s service offers Cat security and greater self-reliance. “Desiree enables me to be independent without relying on my friends and family members. She also helps me feel safe traveling by myself because I know I am not alone.”

    Cat and Desiree love to seek out new travels and excitement. “Desiree loves life, she knows there is a world out there and I want to show her everything!” Cat has taught Desiree multiple tricks the two can do together including how to dance and how to hop through Cat’s arms like a hula hoop. The two are never lacking in things to do together!

    Cat would like to thank4 Paws for believing individuals like her with hearing impairment deserve the support, love and assistance of a service dog. To her, “Their impact on countless families for the last 20~ years is too great to be put into words.”