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Chandler and Joey

    “Joey has been the biggest asset to Chandler’s life. We were unable to do even the little things that most people take for granted. I couldn’t take Chandler to a store without elopements and huge meltdowns. We’d have the whole store staring at us while she screamed on the floor, banging her head and biting herself. She was 6 years old when we met Joey and despite years of sleep training and therapy, she had never slept in her own bed.

    The difference he’s made for her and our whole family is unbelievable. We can go out now and she doesn’t run away. She stays tethered to her boy and wants to hold onto him and let everyone we pass know, ‘This is my Joey.’ She sleeps in her own bed! Every night we do our nighttime routine, Joey cuddles up at her feet and they go to sleep together. I often go into her room during the day and find them snuggled on the bed together, Joey as a pillow, watching something, calm and content. He’s always with her; her constant companion and protector. To say that we’re grateful, just doesn’t begin to cover it.” 

    Shared by Amber, Chandler’s and Joey’s mother
    A service dog team since March 2020