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James & Rundle

    As featured in the 4 Paws for Ability 2019 Annual Report

    After James Given was released from active duty from the U.S. Coast Guard, he relocated to Xenia, Ohio, and struggled with many issues from his military service. He sought help from many different sources, but none seemed to provide relief from his persistent struggles. He battled depression, physical disabilities, and experienced homelessness. Although he believed that his life was improving, each year brought new and difficult challenges. Only after receiving his service dog, Rundle, did his life improve.

    In late 2018, he learned that 4 Paws for Ability offered service dogs for veterans with disabilities, and he immediately began the application process. The application and approval process went quickly and easily, with James meeting Rundle in April 2019.

    If you ask James how Rundle has helped him, he will tell you that Rundle has changed his
    life. For many years it seemed like no one understood the struggles that he faced each day. Simple tasks became overwhelming, and depression and sadness seemed to take over. Since Rundle entered his life, you can see James out socializing on a regular basis. Rundle senses how he feels just with a simple look. He cares deeply for the safety and well-being of James and seems to understand without being told. James now has a new outlook on life, and each day brings new meaning. There is no therapy or medication that can replace what Rundle provides.

    Rundle was trained to detect Diabetic highs/lows and will alert when James’ sugar is over or under an acceptable level. Rundle alerts him daily, but he also provides much needed comfort and understanding. Without his presence, James believes he would continue to struggle with day-to-day life. Rundle’s final training was completed by Molly who remains close with James and Rundle today. Molly and each person involved with 4 Paws for Ability provided a gift that can never be repaid. While James may feel a debt of gratitude, 4 Paws knows that his sacrifice goes above and beyond others, and for that, we too are indebted.