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Jaxon & Hiroshi

    In 2022, 4 Paws placed over 100 life-changing service dogs, all specifically trained to provide life-saving tasks for so many unique disabilities. Hiroshi, a 2022 Graduate of the Slate Class, was specifically trained for Jaxon.

    Living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Jaxon had lost his independence, but in less than a year, he’s finding it again. “Jaxon has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and requires the use of a wheelchair to get around. Hiroshi, or ‘Roshi,’ is such a blessing to have in our family! Roshi is trained to help Jaxon regain so much of his independence that Duchenne has taken from him,” Jaxon’s mother, Chelsea said.

    Hiroshi gives Jaxon independence is a variety of ways. “He helps Jaxon get dropped items, barks for help whenever Jaxon needs it, lets Jaxon use his back to help put braces on, opens doors and drawers, and so much more. But aside from the physical things that Roshi helps Jaxon with, he is Jaxon’s best friend.”

    “Jaxon’s face lights up as soon as he sees Roshi and Roshi absolutely adores his boy. He knows when Jaxon is having a tough time and will ‘boop’ him with his nose to make him smile and snuggle him,” his mom said.

    “He has such a personality that never fails to make Jaxon smile. We knew that getting Jaxon a service dog would be incredible but we had no idea how much Roshi would change Jaxon’s life and we cannot imagine our lives without Roshi in it!”

    Jaxon and Hiroshi graduated in September of 2022 in the Slate Class. Eight months later, Jaxon’s mom says “We love our goofy boy so much!”