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Jun, Andi & Philippos

    Living with disabilities can make going out in public a daunting task, but for many of our families, the fear of “what-if” can make life at home scary too. Jessica and Justin faced those fears everyday with their daughters Jun and Andi knowing a meltdown, or worse, a seizure, could strike at any moment. “I had been sleeping on the floor of her room every night for years trying to watch Andi 24/7 for seizure activity,” said Jessica. “Andi really struggled with her seizures and being comfortable going out into public. Any trip out was a huge struggle.”

    With a retired service dog already in the family, the need for a seizure alert service dog was clear and in April 2021, Philippos was placed with Andi and Jun, mostly working with Andi and her epilepsy. “He started seizure alerting the very night we had him during class,” said Jessica.

    Two years later, Jessica says Philippos hasn’t lost a step. “It’s given us more freedom since we know he is keeping such a good ‘nose’ on her while we aren’t with her. He has since woken us up many times in the middle of the night, bark alerting us to seizures and saving her life.”

    Philippos not only makes life safer, but simpler too. “We know Phil is going to prealert and let us know if we should expect a rough evening, night or if we need to keep Andi home from school. It’s made it possible to take Andi places like restaurants and stores.”

    “I’m so happy we have him and we are so lucky with how our lives have changed thanks to 4 Paws.”