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Landon and Sylvester

    “Last week, Landon went into the hospital for his second brain surgery. Sylvester was AMAZING at the hospital and never left Landon’s bed during pre-op. Normally Landon starts to get nervous and jump around the room, but with Sylvester there, Landon was calm and never left his bed. All doctors and nurses were amazed at how good Sylvester was! Unfortunately, Sylvester was not allowed in the PICU during Landon’s hospital stay.  Landon asked every day ‘Where is my dog?’ and even Sylvester looked lost without Landon. Once they were reunited, Sylvester didn’t leave Landon’s side. Landon calls Sylvester ‘My best friend.’

    Another great moment. When we go to events, Landon usually gets overwhelmed and ends up wanting to leave in 5 minutes crying and screaming.  We recently went a Jurassic Quest and sure enough, Landon wanted to leave after five minutes of being there. Instead of crying and screaming, he just kept hugging Sylvester and we stayed 2 hours! 

    Just pure magic and warms my heart!” 

    Shared by Kendra, Landon’s and Sylvester’s mother
    A service dog team since November 2022