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Lincoln & Kix

    For a service dog, life is about one major goal; serving a task for someone in need. For Kix, a two-year-old golden retriever/labrador retriever mix, her task is to be a best friend. Life for Lincoln had its challenges, dealing with ADHD, OCD, social skills, and struggles with peers. For Dennis and Danielle, the struggle was finding the solution.

    “It was a long, slow process to be honest,” Lincoln’s mom Danielle said. “We stayed the course. Started with applying, getting approval, and fundraising but the hardest part was waiting for our class assignment and finding out Lincoln’s match”

    On June 29th, 2022, the Heatwave class officially found out their matches, and by July, Kix was in her forever home with her new best friend, Lincoln. As a Multipurpose Assistance Dog, Kix mitigates disabilities that may not be addressed by other service dog organizations and here at 4 Paws, we specialize in cutting-edge placements and creative solutions for unconventional placements.

    “He’s learning responsibility and he knows she is always there for him providing so much darn love and devotion. We all love her so much. She is one in a million and is such a source of laughs and support. Kix is amazing when she’s working and such a goofball when she’s just being a dog.”

    “We are so happy Lincoln has a bestie now.” Like her namesake, Kix is “kid-tested, parent-approved.”