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Mattie & Joker

    “Before Joker life was stressful. During the day brushing her teeth and hair were a struggle,” her mom, Kurstie remembers. “At night we wouldn’t sleep well because we were worried we’d miss a seizure or that we’d wake up and find her choking on her vomit.”

    Living with hydrocephalus, Mattie was always looking for security, and that meant more than a full-time job’s commitment. Her mom says “Mattie would call out for Daddy often and just wanted us to sit with her all day. It was difficult to get get things done.” It was time for a change, and the path to Joker began.

    “It was definitely a roller coaster,” Kurstie recounts. “We gathered the medical paperwork, created a go fund me, we shared all on all social media platforms. Throughout the hard work, the excitement and anticipation just built up.”

    In the summer of 2023, Mattie officially met Joker, and the anticipation finally paid off and now they have an ace up their sleeve.

    “Mattie is able to sit for longer periods of time when Joker is on or near her. He is the perfect cuddle buddy for her. She actually attempts to brush her her teeth all on her own,” her mom says.

    “I hope people realize what a big help these pups are, not just for the individual, but for the entire family. We are able to be more productive. We feel a sense of relief knowing that Joker will alert us if he senses anything wrong with our girl.”