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Megan & Nova

    For many kids, wishing for a dog on special occasions like Christmas or birthdays is a common dream. Megan’s wish for a furry companion came true in a unique and heartwarming way when she met Nova (formerly known as “Samova”) thanks to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and 4 Paws for Ability.

    Megan’s mom, Heather recounts “We are friends with 4 Paws family, Kahoot and Lily, so they pointed us in the 4 Paws direction, and 4 Paws was the only agency approved for a wish.” Megan’s wish for a service dog was in response to “almost daily meltdowns,” her mom says. “We were afraid to leave her alone because we didn’t want to miss a seizure. She was lonely and we felt like our world was very small.”

    When Megan met Nova for the first time in 2021, her world opened up. “Megan and Nova have a unique bond between them and she has helped Megan by just being there. She gives Megan more confidence than I thought possible. Nova makes Megan laugh almost everyday,” says Heather. “We say her sign of affection is jumping on your lap and burping in your face.”

    “We’ve had Nova for a year and a half […] and we know someone is always listening. Nova can be in a sound sleep, but when she hears her girl’s ‘seizure sounds,’ she jumps into action. Megan always has a friend to listen to her. She is funny, she has opened a world of socializing that Megan loves, she is patient when Megan has a rough day, she has the sassiest attitude that matches Megan’s so well, and it feels like we’ve had her for a lifetime,” Heather says.

    “I don’t think that I even know all of the ways Nova has impacted our family because it happened so naturally.“