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Shaelyn & Ivory

    “Saying that Ivory loved me even from the start Is an incredible understatement. The moment she entered the room to meet me, she didn’t pay attention to anyone else. Ivory came immediately to me, it was like she knew she was there for me. Since that day, Ivory and I have been inseparable. Ivory follows me around in the house, waits for me when I’m brushing my teeth, showering, getting ready for the day, etc. Ivory is very attuned to my needs and emotions; If I make the slightest noise, here comes Ivory.

    My family and I brought Ivory home just over 2 months ago. She gets stronger with her trained tasks every day. I use a communication device to speak, so my parents and I weren’t sure what life with a service dog using a communication device would be like. Ivory picked up commands quickly from me, speaking with my device. She has also learned modified hand signals that I have to use due to my low muscle tone. Ivory has essentially learned a whole new language in the last 2 months, a language that even some humans can’t seem to pick up on!

    I want 4 Paws to know that Ivory truly made me feel the happiest I’ve been my entire life. She has been such a gift to me, my family, and our community. I can’t wait to see where our journey goes from here. As Ivory continues to work on her tasks, I’m hopeful that she will eventually be able to support me in a more independent life. For now, she’s working hard and being the best friend I could ever imagine.”

    -Shaelyn & Ivory, 4 Paws Service Dog Team