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Reece & Risotto

    In February of 2023, service dog Risotto graduated from 4 Paws for Ability with the Chocolate Brown Class and started their career with Reece. In just a few short months, Reece’s mom says, the two are inseparable and their family feels complete.

    “The first few months with Risotto have shown our family exactly what we have been missing. Risotto (Zo or ZoZo) has been trained to help alert to Reece when he is having a seizure, as well as for behavior disruption. Reece was diagnosed at the age of three with ADSL, a very rare and incurable metabolic disorder. It affects Reece’s daily life with seizures that are hard to control with medication, his coordination, developmental delay, and autism. 

    We finally received Risotto on Reece’s birthday; it was the most special day. The two are inseparable! She is truly the best friend and little sister he has been missing. The first week back home was stressful for us trying to figure out how our day-to-day would work incorporating her into our busy lives.

    However, on about day three, I found myself in tears on the couch as they lay next to one another watching Reece’s iPad (one of Zo’s favorite pastimes). I had the feeling that our family was truly complete, as crazy as that sounds knowing we would never have any more children. She was filling the void for me. She has slipped into our lives better than we could imagine, completed our family, and stolen our hearts.

    We could never imagine life without her now and I can can’t wait to watch their journey unfold. So thank you to everyone that is part of this amazing organization.”

    -Nicole, 4 Paws mom with team Reece & Risotto