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Volunteer Trainers, The Mark Family

    For the last several years our family has had the privilege of being one stop along the way of these amazing dog’s journey to their forever! My, now fifteen year old, daughter’s kindergarten Sunday school teachers always had a 4 paws dog in tow and after years of constant begging and pleading from our daughter we finally took the plunge and became traditional fosters ourselves! It wasn’t long after starting to foster that our entire family became certified onsite volunteers helping in any way we could. And while we loved seeing first hand how intentional each step of the puppy raising process is from day one, it was attending our first graduation that we were able to truly understand just a piece of the 4 paws magic and how much these incredible families lives could be impacted. It’s clear these aren’t just dogs, they’re super heroes and they can truly change lives when they are finally placed with their forever person.